The Dark Side of the Moon

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Uploaded 30th May 2006 at 12:50 AM

I had so much fun making my Middle Earth neighborhoods, I decided to make a few more. I thought Strangetown needed a moon colony, so I made a moonscape.

A huge thanks to travellersside whose tutorial made it so easy!

**These will be unusable unless you download GunMod’s camera hack here:
Any of the 3 versions should work. Pay careful attention to the installation instructions, this hack replaces game files. It is well worth it though.**

**The zip contains the terrain file and 5 PNG images. After you unzip, put everything in: EA Games\The Sims2\SC4terrains. These DO NOT go in your download folder.**

The pictures are named for the terrain types that came with NL. If you don’t have NL, you may have to rename and delete some pictures. See this thread for a complete description:

The pictures posted are of the concrete and desert terrains.

My policy:

My neighborhoods can be reposted if you do the following:
1. Give me credit and link back to this thread.
2. Link to GunMod’s camera hack, the neighborhood won’t work without it.
3. Don’t put it in a set you charge money for.
File-sharing is fine with me too.