Compact XII - 2x2 Small "1 1/2 Story" Lot

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Uploaded: 30th May 2006 at 2:25 AM
Hi Folks!

Attention, please – Read this before downloading
This is a starter, so it is furnished only with the essential itens inside the house. It means that the tree, plants, rocks and outdoor furniture of the pics are not included. I’ve pictured them to give you some ideas. Below you’ve the links of the sites and threads where you can dl the CC for free and arrange them as you like. Some of the stuff (like the tree) is Maxis.

This 2x2 Compact lot is suited for that stressed sims who need some contact with nature after a hard work day, or just a nice country house. Here are some characteristics:

1) It costs 19.997 simoleons. All the basic furniture is Maxis and it’s hack free (Clean Installer).
2) It has a basement (with daylight) and a kind of split level. It can be said that it’s a one and a half story house. Anyway, there’s space enough for a couple or small family.
3) Half of the space is dedicated to the small lake (or river, if you extend it a little), the small bridge and a nice garden that you can create for your sims (as long as they get a job and cash to buy the itens). If you’re not a “nature guy”, you can of course get rid of the river and bridge and buy a nice pool and/or driveway. You can also build another house, as there’s enough room for this.

I hope you like it.

Laurana Invisible Window

Wall # 137 and 035

Honey Glazed Tiled Floor
Juicy Fruits Floor
Hessian Carpet Floor
Spiritual Wall

Modern Window Fullsize
Window Frames

Parquet Floor

White01 floor
White01 wall

NSC Floor – Stone #007, Carpet #170

Window Frame Collection, # 2 and 3
Mini-pediment in Discreet Concrete

Seamless WallWindow, WallWindow Door
Wooden Stairs Recolourable

Clothes Hook Dresser
Girlz Hook Dresser

KS InFloor Lamp
KS InWall Lamp

Here is the list of the CCs I used to build the “green corner” of the pictures:

4ESF (4EverSimFantasy)
Outdoor2 Hosta, Yucca and Hemerocallis
Outdoor3 Palm

Garden Rocks
Smaller Boulder with Grass

Tree Table
Tree Stump Seat

Fallen Tree Seating

Linda’s Sims2
Outdoor Brick Barbecue

Flora Little Palm
Floral Big Flower Bush

Happy simming everyone!