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Palazzo di Venezia - Venetian Palazzo

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Uploaded: 5th Jun 2006 at 12:14 AM
Updated: 28th Nov 2008 at 4:24 AM - updated
Venetian style Palazzo that you may find in the Treporti district

5 x 6 lot
635,000 simoleons
!!!! News Flash !!!!

Hexameter has made a FABULOUS Gondola! Download yours today!


The entry opens to the second floor ceiling. It has a small fountain just below the first floor level which leads to the basement.

Many people have asked me how I've docorated and furnished this lot. Of course, a palazzo should have tons of fine art. Unfortunately, I was NOT able to pack it within this lot. (10MB max upload size.) BUT!!!! You CAN download the art and furnishing pack if you want it. I used just the Maxis OFB furniture but the wallhangings and the rugs are CC that I've gathered from many creators. Here are some shots of the decorated Palazzo in my game.

The 'Relatives' painting wall. You know, every palazzo has to have some ancestors hanging around.

Della Robbia Dining Room - in blue of course - Use the 'moveobjects on' and 'boolProp snapObjectsToGrid false' commands to set the ends of the two dining tables on top of each other - to get a longer dining table. Lethe-s VanEyck painting of the Madonna and Child go on one wall and DaVinci's Last Supper goes on the other wall of the dining room. I made the Dellarobbia wall between the two windows.

A study just off the main foyer.

The floor plans.

The landscaping -

The piazza 'mini' shopping area next to the palazzo. ready for your OFB shops.

Of course, the family chapel on the canal.


This palazzo has a 2 car garage basement, and two upper levels with a large open central Foyer area which has a sunken level on the first level entry containing a refreshing fountain to greet you when you enter. The inner court opens to the second floor.

The outside Foyer has lovely Murals made by Lethe_s. They, along with the 'Floridan' beige and tangerine curved wall sets by VonNdaSun are a perfect greeting for a Venetian style Palazzo.

The lovely garden plantings are mostly from AussieTopEnders and those wonderful tall Italian Cypress are by Franky at MTS2

Instead of mere bedrooms, this palazzo has 3 large bedroom suites - bath-dressing-office and private sitting rooms. You can break them down into bedrooms if you need the sleeping space.

This Lot has a lot of Custom Content. The smallest I could zip it was 15MB. So, Unfortunately, I had to remove most of the furniture, the boats, tubs and the OFB shopping stuff (except awnings) to make the lot small enough to zip. The Mini 'Rialto' shopping area plaza is still there - ready and waiting for your sim businesses. The landscaping and walls paints are still in the lot.

I want to thank each of these creators for sharing their wonderful work with the community - without their creations, this house would not be this nice.

This is a large lot so Please use the Simpack Clean Installer for best results installing this lot AND Please visit the creators via the links provided to get their most recent updates, recolors and meshes. (AND to see what other goodies they've made.)

INCLUDED with lot.:

The Grand Trianon Dream Team:
http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=76172 -The Grand Trianon Dream Team:
Poster Double Doors
Poster Narrow window
Poster Mirror Bed
Vertical painting Frame

Grand Trianon Knotty wood and stained glass recolor

Simnuts 101:
http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t= ???? (I wasn't able to find the link for his Huge wall paintings. If someone knows the link, Please give it to me and I'll update the page. Thanks!)
Grande Peinture (Large Painting of Venice in the Foyer)

Komosims - http://www.komosims.net
Antibes floor set - around the fountain walls
Tottenheim floor - inset for the blue Dellarobbia dining room
Baldwin Floor set - the blue Dellarobbia dining room
Bianca Carpet Floor - in one of the bedroom suites
Italian Kitchen Floor - in a bathroom
Caramba Floor - basement and chaple floor

SimLin55: http://www.komosims.net
Italian Fresco wall set - Simlin55 - the walls on the inner Foyer and great room
Villa Aurora Wall2 - Simlin55 - these are the paneled walls in the bedroom suites

VonNdaSun: http://www.komosims.net
Floridan Villa 5 Wallset - Those lovely curved beige and tangerine walls on the exterior of the palazzo.

mia86 @ MTS2:
Light Grey Tuscan Stone Floors

(Sorry, I can't find the link for this tile. It may come from one of his houses that I downloaded.)
Italian Pink Marble Floors.

Lyric Lee and rentechd: Sorry guys. Lyric Lee has pulled her content from MTS2 and I don't know if it's available elsewhere. You'll have to supply your own flooring in some of the suites.
Maxis Lost RedWood Black floor - These are in the upstairs bedroom suite
Maxis Lost RedWood BlackWhite floor

Recolorable Wooden Stairs - 'marbelized'
Holy Smoke Recolorable stairs - steps_90NMNglass white recolor
Marble Floor recolor of Wooden stairs. '
Seamless wall window columns (Gondola stakes)

MissPiggi - Marble recolors of Numenor's modular recolorable wooden stairs.
http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?p=615466#post615466 - See Post # 33

Numenor and Mary Lou:
Modular Round Flowerbed fence edging and poppies

Cyclone Sue:
Shallow Sea water terrain paint for the canals.

Snowman Construction set - Base:
- Maxis object download from Sims2 Exchange site - This is the ball on the front gate and the round balls on the chapel corners.

Cupid Commando's Action Cherub! Statue:
- Creator - Maxoid Monkey @EA Exchange.

Visit their site to get the meshes and all the recolors of their wonderful plants. They have a HUGE collection of great rugs that work with Echo's rug mesh.
Giant Literal Rose and recolors - AussieTopEnders.com
Giant and Even bigger babbling bougainvilla - assorted colors
Recolorable Hydrangea Lilac
empty cube pot by Lucas Cardellini at AussieTopEnders

xrax (Franky):
http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=122751 AND
Cypressus Sempevirens large and smaller - Franky

Perfect circle frame -

Lethe-_S and the Magic Modders 'Midsimmer Night's Dream' - Medieval collection:
http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=99584 (read the thread for download links.)
lothlorien tall and shorter windows- indiencarved and snowy recolors
Dungeon Door
Fire rune - celtic
Moroccan glaze wall 3
Westminster weaved floor
Virtue Mural 1 and 2 - beautiful Fresco wall murals
Knots and Weaves wall

venetian Peachy stucco wall set- 7 pieces
Dellarobbia Madonna and child wallshrine on oak paneling
Dellarobbia Madonna and child white wall plaque on light blue with matching wall section.
Dellarobbia Madonna and child white wall plaque on Dark blue with matching wall section.
2 different Dellarobbia Madonna and Child on Brick

invisible driveway

Horse sculpture - Sitting on top of a pillar in the plaza. :0) Just like in Venice.
Beautiful Madonna and Child wall icons on oak paneling - created by Lola - 5 pieces - these are in the chapel

I finally found the recolor for the downstairs doors!

Christian Wall Cross:

Zvk_WallCross_light -

If I inadvertantly left any creators out, the error is mine. Plese let me know who did what piece and I'll correct my links.


PLUS ----- Due to popular request -----


Ok. I had tons of fun and LOTS of work gathering the CC for this lot. So - Here goes. I hope you enjoy. Look at the updated pics above to get an idea of how I placed the art in my game. Note: this art pack only covers the main Foyer, the study, the dining room and the upstairs seating area. it DOES NOT have art for the bedroom suites. If you do a search on JustMoi, you'll find tons of fantastic fine art ready to hang on your sims walls. :0) Or, you can do what I did and take several days to go through all 133 pages of wall hangings at MTS2.

justmoi Fan-tabulous Artwork @MTS2: Do a username search on justmoi to see PAGES and pages of her great artwork! :lovestruc
20 Perfect Circle paintings - While several of them are not Italian, I placed them anyway just because they have cool looking clothes. ;0)
Durer self portrait
Portrait of a woman with a veil
Lady on Red recolors -
http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=129972 - blondesimmer
Davinci 1 - 'Cecilia Gallerani - Lady with an ermine'
Mona Lisa
Hand painting hands
one funny - Davinci's drawing of the Vitruvian Homer Simpson
Vertical painting -
Badouin of Burgundy
Cardinal Bibbena
Cardinal Vallabriga
Lady portrayed as Mary Magdelene
Lady with a unicorn
Mona Lisa - Hey, she's sombody's relative.
Self Portrait
Woman with a veil
Young man with apple
The Meaning of Fruit - Study wall
Davinci's La Scapigliata - face of a woman
Majestic elegance - Birth of Venus - by Botticelli - in the main foyer

DellaRobbia plaques on matching walls for wood, brick and paint

Fabulous religious icons of the chapel walls;
http://sims2sisters.sme.sk/ - You'll have to navigate to their downloads build section if you want to see their other build walls.
They also have great art work on their site.

Assorted Grand Trianon furnishings and curtains
get the meshes and recolors from the lot link listing above

lethe_s @MTS2:
Virtue Mural walls - from the MidSIMers Night
recolor of the OUTBACK painting
veneyck 1 and 2

Qortex - 3-tile poster mesh

Crosses - see Lot for links

ECHO 2x3 and 3x4 rug mesh recolors:
Aussie top Enders - FABULOUS RUGS

Simnuts101: Grande Peinture large painting -= I STILL can't find the link for this one. Oh, Mozart, Mozart.... Where for art thou Mozart? he must be down at the beerstube playing 18th century honky-tonk again. just kidding Simnuts! We LOVE your artful objects! 'specially that harpsichord :lovestruc


NOTE: This lot contains many pieces by other creators who DO NOT want their work uploaded anywhere else, especially to the exchange. Please respect their wishes.