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Daisies and Pansies for Round Flowerbeds

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2006 at 3:05 PM
Updated: 7th Jun 2006 at 5:42 PM
DAISIES AND PANSIES for Round Flowerbeds
Both sets work IN ANY GAME CONFIGURATION (base-game alone or with any EP)

As requested, and in order to complete the gardens, I arranged other flowers for the Modular Round Flowerbeds by MaryLou & Numenor

- Daisies
- Pansies

In the archive ML_Flowerbed_Daisies.rar you'll find all the 7 meshes for the Daisies.
The screenshot shows the three round flowers (in white), the two quarter-circle flowers (in yellow) and the two half-circle flowers (in pink).

In the archive ML_Flowerbed_Pansies.rar you'll find all the 7 meshes for the Pansies.
The screenshot shows the two round flowers (in orange/purple), the oval flowers (in fuchsia/blue) the two quarter-circle flowers (in orange/purple) and the two half-circle flowers (in fuchsia/blue).

Extract the packages from the rar archives and put them in the Downloads folder (use an archive program, or the Q-Xpress auto-installer).
In the game, you can find the various elements of the sets in this catalogue:
Build Mode -> Garden Center -> Flowers

My flowers are derived from the Maxis original: the poly count of my meshes is almost half of the Maxis originals. One tile of Maxis flower is about 2313 vertices and the half-tile is about 1353 vertices.

- Quarter Circle EXT: Vert.386 - Faces 213
- Quarter Circle : Vert.1494 - Faces 848
- Half Circle EXT : Vert.1079 - Faces 606
- Half Circle : Vert.661 - Faces 385
- Oval : Vert.2235 - Faces 1303
- Circle 1x1 : Vert.906 - Faces 551
- Circle 2x2 : Vert.4495 - Faces 2558

You must recolor the original flowers. Use Object Workshop and create a recolour for the Flowers - Outdoors - Daisies and Flowers - Outdoors - Pansies. Your recolor will apply to both the Maxis flowers and to all the 7 new shapes for round flowerbeds , automatically.

As usual, credits must be granted to Maxis for the original meshes that I have used for these sets. Obviously, the original meshes have been reworked by me.

The Flowers can be included in lots posted on free sites (NOT EXCHANGE!!!), as long as credits are given to MaryLou and a link to this page is provided.
If anyone is interested in creating recolours, they can be posted anywhere (even paysites) but NOT INCLUDING the meshes: on the contrary, a link to the meshes on this page must be provided.

Many thanks to Numenor for having helped with the translation of this post.