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Now Pets Ready: Default Eyebrow Replacements from Helaene.com

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2006 at 10:31 PM
Updated: 10th Nov 2006 at 9:54 PM - Had to make the files Pets ready
Wow! I have finally done it. After scouring the internet in vain for default eyebrows for my sims I just had to do it myself instead.

These are default replacements for the Maxis eyebrows. That means that they are properly binned, so that when you change to a different haircolor (not custom hair that shows up under the *) they change accordingly. It also means that your townie sims will no longer have the artificial looking Maxis eyebrows although female townies that decide to use the bushy eyebrows may look a bit "odd" :P.

I have NOT made the eyebrows themselves, only turned them into default replacements.

For the Bushy Brows I have used Helaene's 1119 male brows.
For the Combed Brows I have used Helaene's Realistic v2.
For the Tweased Brows I have used Helaene's 906 brows.

Anyway, download into your normal folder, enjoy and maybe send a donation to Helaene who did the artistic bit.


Sorry for not fixing this sooner (migrated to new pc, lost all sims files, the works...)

I have tested this with no eyebrows loaded in the game, only my defaults and as far as I can see it works. Can you please test this new file to see if it works better?

You may have to delete your CAS Thumbnails if you are having problems with it not showing up.

These can be found in your Sims folder, one folder up from your Downloads folder, in a folder called Thumbnails.

All the files in Thumbnails can be deleted as they are regenerated when you restart the game. It may take slightly longer to start the game the very next time you start it up but after that it shouldn't do that anymore.

Now the files should be Pets ready too so they should show up for the last few of you.