7 recolors of Maylin's new Crib,changetable,and pottychair

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Uploaded 12th Jun 2006 at 1:33 AM

these are recolors of Maylins adorable new crib,changetable,and pottychair. You will need to follow the posted link to get the original mesh files for these recolors to show up in your game. Thanks to Maylin for allowing the use of her meshes for recoloring. you will also need the latest CEP files by Numenor installed for some recolors to show.

there are 7 colors all in seperate zips so you can get whichever ones you want.

bluewood (this came out more grey than blue but it looks nice anyway)
yellow wood

*please note the only things included in these zips are the cribs,changetables,and potty chairs. the walls floors curtains and wallhangings are not included.

thanks to all who make creating possible and to MTS2 for giving us a place to share.