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Evil Doer Career (with custom rewards and skill points)

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Uploaded: 15th Jun 2006 at 3:30 PM
Updated: 15th Jun 2006 at 4:26 PM
Good day to all those who read this.

An interesting little fact. The two .rar files provided, sizes 369.2kb and 297.4kb, add up to 666.6kb. Spooky eh?

Inspired by zedrik's inverted crosses, which I now have plasted all over my sim's houses, I decided to dig out an old career of mine that never reached the site. I polished it off, added a few extras onto it and I present to you the result- the Evil Doer Career

This career would not have been possible without
Lethe_s and gromit, who's items I used as the rewards
Echo, who made custom skill points possible, and helped to explain how they could be modified for use in other careers.

The Levels
Thug/ Bad Girl ($170 per day)
Mob Gangster
Fighter for Evil
Power Crazed General
The Battle of Benevolentia Evinco
Feared Dictator
Top Demon/ The devils' 'significant other' ($3,500 per day, 3 days a week)

The Rewards and Skill Points

***********Please Read!!!***********

At any one time you can only have one set of files installed, as they share GUID's!

That is the most important thing you need to remember when installing these files.

The Unhacked Career
*Gargoyle statue appears at level 8
*Does not provide you with skill points
*Will not overwrite the original object by gromit

The Hacked Career
*Snake teleprompter appears at level 8
*Provides UberEvil Skill points
*Will not overwrite the original object by lethe_s

For the Hacked career-
5 UberEvil Points are required to advance to level 9
10 UberEvil Points are required to advance to level 10

Due to hacking restrictions, the number of points you have is not shown.

Other Stuff
Career has unique chance cards for each level
Will work for any EP combination
Will not overwrite other maxis or custom careers
Has its own custom icon provided by WackoMagnifico

To install place the files from one of the packages (either hacked or unhacked) into your downloads folder.

Any other questions or issues, please post in this thread.

Have fun!

SuperFly (Resident Satanist)