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My Version of the Maxis Medieval Bed for Singles

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2006 at 2:06 AM
Updated: 28th Jul 2009 at 1:16 PM by -Maylin-
I am so sorry, but I uploaded the double version of the drape by mistake It's the right one now.

This project was started after a question posted by daydream58 from Sim A Little, Dream A Lot , in the, "Where can I find", thread at N99, so all thanks go to Deedee for sparking the idea.

I separated the drape from the original Maxis Medieval Bed and cloned each part as a separate objects, the bed can be recolored and used now without having the drape. The Drapery is now a decorative object and takes it's texture from the bedding, both Maxis and all custom, so you can mix and match anyway you want.

This is the single bed version of that mesh, with the same options.
Double Bed version here

Poly/Vert counts --

Bed -- 1737P 2057V
Drape -- 2598P 2969V
The drapery is a little high for a 3 tile object, but decreasing the count starts to break down the draping on the mesh.

The drape will be found under Decorative - Misc in the catalog for 100§, the bed, under Seating - Beds, is 850§.

If you want the bedskirt/dust ruffle seen in the photos that also takes it texture from the bedding, you can find it in this post Maxis Match Dust Ruffle/Bed skirt

I've added 3 recolors of the bed in a single zip file as a separate download. You are welcome to create and post recolors of the bed anywhere you want, however the mesh MUST remain a free download. The mesh for the drape is different, the only way to recolor it is by recoloring the bedding.

My creations are File-Share-Friendly through email or IM and MUST remain that way.

Both are TS2 compatible, no expansions needed. If you have any problems please let me know.

Enjoy, Kat