Gaius Baltar and Six (James Callis and Tricia Helfer) from Battlestar Galactica

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"I've been thinking. And as far as I'm concerned, you can have any woman you want. But always remember... I have your heart."
"Yes, of course you do."
"I can always rip it out of your chest if I need to."

After weeks of work and custom meshes and recolours galore for both of them, I present you with my finished Number Six and Dr. Gaius Baltar (played by Tricia Helfer and James Callis), my favourite characters from the new Battlestar Galactica. I cannot tell you how much I love that show, and how obsessed I am with it, the characters, and well, mainly these two.

I just love who they both are, how much they adore each other, and the fact that they are, quite literally, crazy for one another. They have such wonderful chemistry. I just couldn't resist trying to sim them. I think I've done pretty darn well... Six has a pretty easy face to do (Tricia being a model-turned-actress) and is pretty darn iconic, but Gaius's face required SO MUCH fiddling with the texturing, and he's got so many lines and stuff, but I think they look very much like themselves - as close as I could get while still keeping them looking like sims which was a deliberate stylistic choice, and extremely important to me.

If anyone's interested, I have a tutorial on facial texturing using Gaius as an example, which I wrote as I made him, so you can see the process I used to make him.


Both sims' skintones are based on SimCribbling's wonderful skintones. Six's has a little bit of facial texturing (she really didn't need much) and Gaius's has pretty much a completely new face, and some chest hair and a little hair added to his arms and such (just because he looked totally weird with SimCribbling's gloss on his chest when he should be furry). His sideburns and eyebrows are painted onto the skintone.

Because they were both the same general shade (a bit tanned) I used the same skintone for both of them. Therefore... I have removed the skintone from the full sims and offered it -separately- here. You must have it for them to look right, but I didn't want to upload a big skintone twice for no reason. Make sure you get it. If you load with it and them both installed, they should show up with it correctly... otherwise, the thumbnail's pretty obvious. I did NOT do texturing on the other ages. I don't see these two breeding much or being made younger, so I didn't bother.

Content Included:

Six -
  • Hair: (Requires Open for Business for Mesh) Platinum recolour by me. Blonde binned, other ages removed.
  • Lipstick, Eyeliner, Eyebrows: by Helaene.
  • Eyeshadow, Eyes: by Barcelonista.
  • Dress: by Miien, using a free SimChic mesh by Crechebaby.
  • Bracelet/Earrings Accessory: Custom mesh and recolour by me! Mesh included in rar file. Not multi-wearable, not waterproof, fairly quick and dirty and doesn't animate beautifully in all poses (kinda clips through the back/side of the hand some), but it's still cute, just don't look too closely at it. Yeah, I forgot the ring. So sue me. 886 polygons, 875 vertices.

Gaius -
  • Hair: Custom mesh and recolour by me (yes, I made the mesh just for him). Mesh needed, available here. Black binned, other ages removed.
  • Eyes: by me.
  • Eyeliner (Lashes): by Helaene.
  • Stubble: by me. Way more natural-looking than Maxis stubble (and removable, so you can have him clean-shaven if you choose). I can't think of many times Gaius has been clean-shaven in the series, so I had to do him stubbly. Tee hee.
  • Clothing: (Requires Open for Business for Mesh) Recolour by me. I was going to do his pinstripe suit but there wasn't a good mesh for it, and I suck at body meshes. He wore this later in the series, in one of the episodes where he's in the cell with Pegasus Six.

Content Not Included:

Six -
  • Dress Requires a MESH! It uses a free SimChic mesh... Click Freebies link at the bottom - TS2 Freebies - Adults/Young Adult - Everyday Outfits - toward the top, black top and lavender pencil skirt outfit.

Gaius -
  • Hair Requires a MESH! You can find the mesh (and more recolours of this hair) and all of its info here

Again, make sure you grab the skintone on this thread too for them!

Thanks to:
  • Tiggerypum, for being my brilliant meshing friend.
  • Miien, for making the lovely recolour for Six's dress for me.
  • Crechebaby and SimChic, for the mesh used for the dress.
  • Barcelonista and Helaene, for their content used in this upload.
  • Louis at SimCribbling, for the skintone Six and Gaius's skins are edited from.
  • Dark Thoughts, an amazing resource for BSG pics and screenshots, the only place I needed to go for all the pics I needed for these two.
  • Wes_h, for the Unimesh plugins for Milkshape, used in the creation of all my meshes.
  • Dr Pixel, for all kinds of various bits of useful meshing info that have helped me along the way.
  • LyricLee, for being patient... You shall have your perfect pixel boy.
  • MTS2, the rest of the staff, and Delphy, for creating a such a fantastic place to learn and share information, so I could figure out how to do cool stuff like this.

If you do not have EPs/Open for Business

Install these sims with Clean Installer. If you do not have Open For Business, do not install Six's hair or Gaius's clothes (both use Open for Business meshes). Everything else will work fine without EPs: you can install all sims without EPs and they will work, just a couple pieces of their content might not.