Compact Downtown - 2x2 Lot w/ 2 Spacious Apartments

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Uploaded: 27th Jun 2006 at 1:44 AM
Updated: 27th Jun 2006 at 1:25 PM
Hi Folks!

This 2x2 Compact is my first downtown lot, inspired by a WhiteCloud request in Compact XVI thread - he asked for Nightlife concrete terrain lots. The NL "concrete jungle" landscape is very inspiring for modern lots builders, specially for those who like to experiment old-new blendings. In this sub-series, like Compact Country, I'll try some experiments within the basic characteristics of Compact Series.

Here are some facts of this Compact:
1. It was designed as two separate apartments, one in each floor. The great Tunaisafish's Smartdoor let us do the trick. Of course if you don't want two apartments, just put some walls down and you'll have a big house for a big family
2. Each apartment has a decoration style. The 1st floor is pretty much traditional, except for the livingroom, thanks to the irresistible Nengi's Mottled Brick Wall. The 2nd floor is a little tribute to Ailias' "minimalist white" style. I've been using his great creations and in this lot I've extended the usage to the most of the furniture. My lots wouldn't be the same without his build mod tools, and that's my way to thank him for his buy mode itens too :D
3. There's space enough for two cars in the basement garage (one sideways) and some of the lot's areas are common - the laundry, the elevator's hall and the roof. The roof is spacious enough for almost everything (tipically bbq and sunbath), including a solarium, or gym. Just use your imagination and build whatever you like there
4. The laundry's stuff is not included. Most of the objects are deco only, except for the outstanding Katy_76's washing machine which really works! (see picture bellow) Yeah, that's right - Katy created a washing machine and sink which your sims can really use to wash their clothes (with animation). Just pay a visit to her new site and you'll find her great creations (free registration required) and a very well built forum.

I've uploaded two versions of the lot (furnished and unfurnished). In the furnished version (120.716 smls) you'll find all the Maxis' itens in the pics, most CCs from MTS2 and some CCs from another sites, distributed under permission. The non included itens are listed below with links, so that you can dl them later. The unfurnished version (41.497 smls) contains only the lamps and window frames. Thank you all talented creators who make our game more enjoyable and a special thanks to those who generously let us upload their creations with our lots.

(furnished and unfurnished versions)

Targa: Design LadderStairs
Macarossi: Eclectic Attic Expressions
Nengi65: Mottled Brick Wall
Simnuts101: Le Petit Trianon Two Tile Archway
Mutinamutina: Mahogany panel, panel 2 and simple cherry panel 2
Tunaisafish: Smart Doors

Modern Ball and Round Bra
Window Frame Collection 1, # 2
White Rails
White Modern Carpet 1 (can't find the thread. Can you help me?)
White Edge Smoother

Seamless WallWindow, WallWindow Door, Standard WallWindow DoubleDoor and Wall Boundary

Window frames

Sterling Sims2
1Slate03 wall by Cheryl
4Travertine06 wall by Cheryl
ModernWhiteCarpet by Cheryl

Ariana wall by Mummysim
Berry brick wall wall by Mummysim
Epsom floor by Mummysim
Ornate beige wall by Mummysim
Spiritual wall by Mummysim
Tufted floor by Mummysim
White Brick wall by Mummysim

Floors # 073, 074, 077, 121 and 224
Walls # 170 and 207

Blocked06 floor
White01 wall and floor


Parquet honey 1b floor

Sekto Bathroom Wall

(furnished version only)

Windkeeper: Fake trashcans and small trash pile
MaryLou&Numenor: CCulture Island Top Slim
The Dream Team: The Grand Trianon Collection
Jasana Bugbreeders: Single tile end table with 3 slots / Recolored by Loverat
Kjote: Vertical blinds from Roma Bathroom Set


Montego Set Modern Coffee Table, Sofa, Wall TV, Wall Shelves 1 and 2, Bed, Armchair, Wall Light Panel High and Low, Low Sectional Table
Ta539 Inspired Another Divider (edge and middle), Mod Sectional Table (edge)
Endeavour Set Wall Deco Panel Small 02

3x4 Floor Rug
Little Floor Rug
Toilet Floor Mat

Two tile venetian blinds (Holzrollo für Doppelfenster) by Phelana
Two tile curtain by Phelana
Afrika Elefant mesh by Phelana
TVbank nordic by Phelana
Dining Chair by Birgit43
Printer-scanner set by Birgit43
End table by Birgit43
Expensive toilet by Birgit43
Colonial Tub by Birgit43

"Invaluable" End Table #3
Capri Dining Room Hutch

Plant 001 from Talbo Kitchen Set

Cactus from Bedroom6 Set
Plant from Bedroom7 Set
Plant from Dining4 Set
Plant Fall from Dining5 Set
Plant from Living7 Set
Plant from Living6 Set
Plant from Quadro Set
Potted Palm from Outdoor1 Set

Not Included CCs (except wall hangings):

Atavera: beach towel
Gromit: Patio Table
NikkiBailey: Laundry Detergent and Bleach
Nemi: Ironing board
Zookini: Outdoor Seating Set
FoxieRoxieNYC: Random Pile of Clothing and Pile of Random Clothing 2 - Girls/Teen
Boblishman: Satellite Dish
DBCAB: 1969 Stingray Corvette and Mini Cooper

Art Bedroom Set by Funny 2401

Basket of Clothes by Teko
Laundrystand by Teko

Bienchens Poster mesh

Bedroom Set by Phelana

Linda's Sims 2 Blog
Laundry basket by Buntah

Sink to wash Sim's clothes
Washer-dryer "Simsung"

Retail Sims
Stack of Towels

Happy simming everyone