Wild West Mall

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Uploaded: 29th Jun 2006 at 12:42 AM
Updated: 30th Jun 2006 at 3:34 PM
Hi Folks!

I had this idea in mind since Hexameter's release of his outstanding Horsewaggon. At that time, however, I didn't know how to build lots. :D
So, before I upload the next Compact Series Lot, I'd like to share this little mall (2x3 community lot) with those who like to play within the west theme or just want a mall with a different look.

Here are the main facts about it:
1) The saloon is pretty much the same as in the old west (except for the girls ) - you have a bar, some tables (restaurant), a card table, piano and three rooms. There's also a public bathroom in the same corridor.
2) The grocery store is also 'west style' - you can find almost everything in there. Even modern stuff, of course.
3) The barber shop is actually a beauty salon and, like in old west, your sim can take a bath there.

Most of the itens you see in the pics are included, some deco objects (like the horses) are not - so please refer to the links and dl the itens you want. Thank you all creators for your nice objects!

DBCAB: Jukebox Stereo
Ailias: White Clay Big Pitcher
[email protected]: Fence "twoshelf"
Phoenix Phaerie: Tuscan Chandelier from Tuscan Kitchen Set
Xrax: Wild West Saloon Doors, uploaded under permition (Thanks! )
jaxad0127: Community items made buyable on Resi lots hack
JWoods: "Latch-n-Lock" Window and Door set
IgnorantBliss: Light Pane Bottom Window
Mickyss: Wild Plants
Zeroth: Square Armani Window
Temporary: Peachy "Sweet Victoria" Wallpaper
Manolo: Cheap wood wall (can't find the source. Anyone?)

High Tank Toilet

Illumutations recolored by KarialSim
Bedside Mat
Wooden Stairs recolourable
Outdoor lantern

Raw wood door by Gnurpsel
Whisky bottles by Phelana
Rocking Chair by Taroo

Pampas roof tile by Mummysims
Cobblestone wall by Mummysims

Sterling Sims2 Design
Redwood Plank floor by Skye
Log Wall by Skye

Parquet floor honey 1a and 1b

Walls #035, 108, 124, 127

Non included CCs:
Hexameter: Pioneer HP2 without canvas

Sitting Stuffed DOG

Wagon wheels

Barber's signpole

30-06-2006 NOTE

If you haven't dl JWoods "Latch-n-Lock" Window and Door set, please refer to his thread and dl the Single Exterior Door in order to make the windows work (and don't flash blue) - and, of course, don't forget to press his Thanks button

Thank you Fanseelamb for this warning.

Sorry for the inconvenience


Happy simming everyone!