Recolor of Seomi's Calla mesh

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Uploaded 2nd Jul 2006 at 5:06 AM

Just like the title says, thanks so much to Seomi for making this lovely mesh. All colors are in the correct color bin. There will be 2 for red hair, one that is more a copper color and one that is a brighter red. You should know that the elder hair will maintain the full color, I'm getting gray hair myself and I swear I will dye it till I'm dead. None of the "older" women in my family have gone gray gracefully, we are fighting it tooth and nail, I see it only fitting that my sims do too. Of course, you can always just choose a diffrent color once your sim reaches elder.
Thanks so much!
Oh and I don't have any guidlines, tear em up, recolor, do what you want, they aren't really my creations to begin with, all I did was recolor.