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Goldberger's whimsical flowers - color pop in a Black n White vase

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Uploaded 4th Jul 2006 at 3:04 PM

Thank you to all who made creating variety for the Sims possible. Without SimPE or CEP, all the great options would not exist. And without the willingness to share and the conscious effort to provide and maintain an environment for sharing, all the creative efforts would have no outlet.

I loved the shape of these and the splash of color against the black and white (like Misha Linn's Tango series). The simplicity of just one flower is appealing to me.

I offer both the large University-required Grilled Cheese or the small Handle and Spout non-EP version.

Lillian is the large orange one.
Iris is the purple one.
Cayla is the light slender one.

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