Elven Teen Bedroom Set *updated jan 2007*

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2006 at 4:50 PM
Updated: 14th Jan 2007 at 12:14 PM

it's been a while, but I finally managed to get this set together.
This is a spin-off of my Elven Bedroom Set and you will need to have it installed for some meshes to work. All heavily inspired by Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movie.
All made with Blender, PSP, Uv-Mapper and SimPE 0.58
These should all work in all versions of the game.

With the help of Tiggerypum, I've fixed some recolour issues and generally smoothed the meshes out a bit. Please redownload, they'll override the old ones.

On to the goodies.

Elven Single Bed

A single version of my elven bed. It uses the textures of that bed.
You need the double bed for this mesh to work!
Faces: 1600

Elrond End Table

Based on a little table in Arwen's room
Faces: 696

Elrond Wall Candle
Animated candle, should work in all versions of the game.
You will need the Elven Floor Lamp for this to work properly!
Faces: 534

Elrond Table Candle
Animated candle to put on surfaces. Doesn't require Uni.
You will need the Elven Floor Lamp for this to work properly!
Faces: 1028

Elrond Chair
As seen on the council of Elrond
Faces: 1078

Elrond Desk
Even elves need to do their homework.
Faces: 514

Elven Dresser
Animated, elegant two-tile dresser.
Faces: 2530

Arwen's Couch
The one she's all depressed on.
Faces: 2410

Have fun with them.
Feel free to recolour, just link back here for the meshes.
Do NOT ask for zips. I shall smite you most horrendously.