Recolour of XMSims Open Blue Bedroom Curtain (requested)

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2006 at 8:49 PM
Updated: 26th Aug 2006 at 8:34 AM
They are a recolour of the 'Curtain 2' curtains/blinds found with this xmsims bedroom set:

You can find my recolours of 'Curtain 1' in the same set here:

The first image shows the original (blue) colour, followed by my white and pink recolours. The second image shows my purple, brown and black recolours.

I matched them with my other recolours so that they could be used side by side seamlessly. I did run into an issue with the purple recolour, however. So I ended up touching up the curtain 1 recolour to make them both match. I've included that file in this zip - it has the same name as the original one, so you can just overwrite the file.

They can be found under decorative > curtains - enjoy and feel free to let me know if you'd like some other colours. I'm happy to try my best

Here are my bed recolours from the same xmsim set - done to match the blinds: