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Virgin- 2BR 1.5BA, unfurnished, no wallpapers

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Uploaded: 11th Jul 2006 at 5:02 AM
A simple unfurnished starter house. No wallpapers, no floor tiles, and even no interior doors are contained. That means you will need to do some work. Well, it is much better to start a very plain living on the ground floor.

It is my first practice for these two Stealth Stairs and Split-Level House, hopefully you all like it.

Lot size 2x2
Price $ 16,545

2 bedrooms ... GF, 2F
1.5 (or 2) bathrooms ... GF, 2F
1 kitchen/dining room ... GF
1 living room ... GF
1 study room ... 2F
1 garage
1 driveway

5 pictures: show this house exactly
3 samples: just show what you would get if your sims have enough simoleons