Apple II Home Computer System *update July 19*

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Uploaded: 12th Jul 2006 at 2:09 PM
Updated: 20th Feb 2009 at 7:20 PM by -Maylin-
As suggusted by mac, I made an Apple II for your little simmies to enjoy.
Name: Apple II
Price: 1,100
Verticles: about 950
Faces: about 400
(got em nice and low for ya)

I thought that this was going to be real easy to make, but the texture was a real pain (mostly because I changed to texture map, but not the object in UV Mapper). I still can't get my custom disk to show up, I even made it into a floppy, but the game won't use it, all you can see is the very edge of it in drive B. I tried my best to base it off of pictures (I'm not old enough to have owned one myself, but I came pretty close with the computers at my elementary school, lol) so if something's a little off, that's probabaly the reason. The color may vary a little but depending on the light in the room, the computer itself is a little mor cream colored than blue, but the lights act funny sometimes. There shouldn't be any problems with conflicts. If there are, contact me and I'll change the GUID, that's generaly the problem.

EDIT: Fixed the wierd shadows

Made in Blender 3D, SimPE, UV Mapper Classic and The Gimp. Credits for original computer design go to Apple Computers .
Feel free to do recolors, just link back to me, and don't upload to paysites or the exchange please!