Janna's "Career Girl" For Females of All Ages

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Uploaded 14th Jul 2006 at 12:06 AM · Updated 14th Jul 2006 at 12:27 AM by DJ_Mur3

Okay, this one I edited off of a sims connection mesh, which is required for this to work. I am pretty sure I am allowed to make this, because their FAQ says this:
"Can I recolor/upload/edit your files for my website or personal use?
If the files are free files, then yes, you can recolor them, edit them, whatever. Credit would be nice. The file itself may be uploaded."

Find the adult mesh here:


I think of the meshes I made, the children's one looks best.

The four colors by Janna are used as the four main colors, and I put them in the correct color bins.

Recolor or edit my meshes all you want. I guess you need to credit Janna and follow the rules set by Sims Connection for that.


Poly Count:
Polys: 3468
Vertices: 1297
Distinct Vertices: 1247


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