X-Men: Academy - Cassidy Keep "Kids"

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(NOTE: Please download the meshes at the links below before trying to install these sims.)

Hello there! :howdy:

Okay, this was a request by BrayBray. These sims are a part of a RPG he plays. They attend an annex school of the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters located at Cassidy Keep in Ireland.

These characters are the creations of BrayBray and his friends. All due copyrights belong to them. As for the rest, the X-Men logo, design, etc. are copyright to Marvel Entertainment, Inc. No copyright infringement is implied.

The Characters are:

Misery, aka Adeline "Addy" Jones - A troubled young lady with the mutant ability of telepathy

Bliss, aka Tanya Daniels - An optimistic girl with the mutant ability to transport herself and others to a mysterious dimension she named "Heaven" where all your dreams come true ... for a while.

Decoy, aka Steven Michaels - A boy from the wrong side of the tracks with the mutant ability of teleportation. (Note: I'm really proud of how his tribal tats on his skull turned out.)

Steam Train, aka "Shane" - A young man with the mutant ability to build up steam for various uses by throwing flammable materials into his gut. Parts of his body are made up of steam engine parts. (Note: His costume contains some oil staining. Also, the hole on his chest is covered by a glass like material with a transparent "X" that covers the fire raging within.)

Hazard, aka Miles Jacobs - An ambitious young boy with the mutant ability to create thermonuclear plasma blasts.

Ace, aka Scott Bronson - A vain young man with the mutant ability of tactile telekinesis.

Without the following wonderful people, these characters would not be possible: :grouphug:


Oh, and Maxis, of'course!

You MUST have these Meshes:

For All Characters besides Steam Train, get:

Bunched Cuff by GeneralZoi Here

For All Characters, get:

Utility Belt by GeneralZoi Here

For Steam Train, get:

Bodybuilder Mesh by Marvine and BeosBoxBoy Here (Get the file labeled as “MESH_Ju-Beos_barbienude240705.rar”)

Download from this link NOT required:

Eyes either by or based on eyes by SoulSliver Here

Everything else (Make-up, hair, facial hair, masks, skin tone re-colors, etc) is by either Maxis, or Me. :D

You may feel free to re-color for your own use only. Do not re-upload these in any form on The Sims2 Exchange, Your own website, or any other website.

Thanx everyone, and please enjoy!

~ Syn

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