Nefertiti ~ Egyptian Queen

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Uploaded 17th Jul 2006 at 9:15 PM · Updated 18th Jul 2006 at 8:16 PM by babydawl1880 : A Link Was Kindly Found For Me

Known in history as the most beautiful woman to ever live, I bring you a Sim-replica that pales in comparison, but is a tribute nonetheless.

I had originally uploaded her the other day (and the other day before that... this is my third or fourth attempt at uploading this chick!), accidently including a non-uploadable piece of custom content. My explanation [or whatever this is] of her was all witty and cute. I'm very tired but still want to upload her today, so this commentary will be neither. Maybe I'll edit it another day. Right now, I'll just give you the good stuff:

INCLUDED With Nefertiti::

Hair & Clothes: The fantazmik BeosBoxBoy and Sgoobysnacks29's Gold Headress [also good is "Hathor" by Leviathanwings & BBB]; and Gold Nefertiti Dress by Sgoobysnacks29. The meshes and recolors for both are here.

*note: If she has only a face and ears where her whole head should be, I'm very sorry. My computer went wonky and I'm going to try to fix it. Either way, the link above will take you to her crown and dress. Sorry again!*

Skintone: by Maus687 (I think it's the fourth one, but it is one of the medium shades (3-5?))

Eye Color: Ninny (LOVE this set!)

Eyebrows: by Helaene "realistic brows - 2"

Eye Liner: by Vanillatango

Lips: Coral Bliss by Deb (It's not there anymore. I had to find it via about 13062 links, just to make that discovery.)


Blush: it says "rouge blush" e025f682_rouge_blush.package That's all I've got. I guess we'll just have to do without it in the upload. SORRY!

Necklace: Udjat - eye - female Mesh by Dr. Pixel. ONLY IN THE PICTURES! NOT included with upload. (Honestly, I couldn't figure out where I'd gotten this either, and after all the work I've gone through chasing down these Where'sWaldo/Download Protection Program links, I'm kinda DONE. So, sorry. As always, if you see something that's yours or you know whose it is, please let me know. It'll give the creator the credit and me some peace of mind... maybe.)

*edit: The link to this necklace was ever-so-kindly provided for me by Astymma. Here it is: The creator, Dea, is to be thanked for all of her work with sim jewelry- so, Thanks Dea! This will end the edited portion. Thank you and have a lovely day.*

Eye Shadow: Simderz's "Kiss 'N' MakeUp" "Detailed Eye Shadows- the "extra: Gold Eye Shadow" (They have a Do Not Upload policy, but the download is free, so just go to the site. It had other great stuff there, so take a look around while you're there.)

May I just send out a resounding OY in response to all of the ... *poocaca* I had to go through trying to find these links?! Insanity, I tell you! INSANITY!!!! I'm going to need a better filing system.

Anyway, I hope you approve and have lots of fun playing with her!


PS: I hate to sound like I'm fishing or pimping over here, but I do love reading comments and seeing the Thanks!