Datcha "Old Russian Dreams"

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Uploaded: 22nd Jul 2006 at 10:55 PM
Hi Everybody!

Here is another house (after many hesitations).During the hot summer days I needed some fresh air and made an absolutly non realistic aristocratic Datcha,just for an old russian touch.
My starting point was : “Doctor Zhivago”.I am in love with this old romantic movie,with its wonderful half abandoned datcha.I tried my hand at adapting the roofing.Then my “work” was very limited because I didn’t want to use lots of custom content.

Its a big lot:6x5.Very expensive .Approximately 300000 simoleons.

- Ground floor: Entry and Staircase.Bathroom.Kitchen.Formal Diningroom.Livingroom. Swimming Pool in the blue Pavillon.
- First floor: Spacious area just upstairs.Library/Study room.Master Bedroom.Another Bedroom.Bathroom.
- Top floor: Unfurnished.I needed it because of the roofing.You can decorate it if its not too challenging for your computer.
In order to install this lot you need all expansion packs (Sorry.They are all in my game).
1) Maybe you’ll need Numenor’s “Unleveled Walls”.I am sure that I used them during several steps of this “work”.THANK YOU,Numenor.This Must Have is here:

2) I made:
*Some Recolors :

- Roof and Fences.With a RANDOM GUID .Please,download the file
“Recolors” .It will be useful if you have any problem.
- Gate.
- Columns.
- Window.
- A Staircase and some Russian Icons for the Inside decoration.

*Some Walls,Floors and Groundcovers.(Some groundcovers were finally not needed,but its impossible to remove groundcovers from a lot,otherwise the game would crash.Sorry again!)
Hope I didn’t forget anything. And Thanks to all wonderful Sims-Teachers who provided precious tutorials.

Not sure if you’ll like this strange house.Maybe some of you with “strange taste”....Thanks for reading this looong thread!
And finally: Happy Simming! Hélène