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Roughin' It Easy - The Hollow

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Uploaded: 29th Jul 2006 at 4:43 AM
Does you city-slicker sim want to own Northern Wood paradise? Is you city-slicker sim spankin' rich? If you answered yes to both questions, send 'em on down to The Hollow!

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, parking spaces for two cars, a lake, and a hot tub await you urban dwellers on this 4x3 acre piece of land. As for the views? Spectacular! Why, who doesn't love the natural look of dirt, grass, dirt, rocks, dirt, water, dirt, and the occasional pine tree? And if you call in the next ten minutes, you can own all this for just $105,812! You heard me right, that's $187 off the retail price. You can't find a deal better than that!

*we are not responsible for any injury caused by your new 'The Hollow'. any wild moose found on the lot were not put there intentionally and should not be hung over the front door. lake may contain fish oil, allergic sims should not touch. remember to have your buttler pack an extra suitcase. use in moderation*

For all you gullible people, just ignore the third paragraph. That was my idea of a joke. 380) Now, the stuff you should read:

NO hacks, mods, or any other custom content is included or required.