2 majors- Superhero and Supervillany

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Uploaded: 1st Aug 2006 at 10:31 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls and small green furry creatures from Alpha Centauri..

Taking a break from careers, I decided to have a go and create some majors. I started work on a Superhero one- but then what's the point of a Superhero if they don't have a Supervillain to battle it out with? So, here are two majors- just make sure your sims don't study together, otherwise sparks may fly...

Save the world, defeat the Supervillains and earn a ton of cash from thankful governments- become a Superhero today!

Creating a Secret Identity- No name nicking please
The Perfect Costume- Leather or Lycra?

Criminals – Dealing with the Despicable
Powers – Identify and Initiate

Moral Matters- Why blasting pensioners is bad
Criminal Psychology- What makes the bad guys tick

The Perfect Secret Base- Choosing the right wallpaper
In the Field Exercise- Stop that Cheese Super villain

and for more sinister sims...

Take over the world, bring down those Do-Gooder Superheroes and be the envy of all your evil mates- become a Supervillain today!

Sinning for Simpletons- The low-down on what’s hot and what’s not
A New Nemesis- A novel name is necessary

Looking the Business- Costumes for the evil connoisseur
Dealing with the Do-Gooders- What hits them the hardest

Wicked Weaponry- Plasma Pistols and Grim Gadgetry
Torture Techniques- It’s fun to watch those heroes squirm

An Evil Abode- Dingy caves and Grand chateaux
In the Field Exercise- Battle Super-Cheese Man and his Super -Dog K9

Other stuff
Unique Guids (0x000B9ACF and 0x000B9AD0 for reference)
Own icon (created by WackoMagnifico)

To install custom majors, download FrikaC's 'Majors Made Easier' hack found on this page, and make sure you read the instructions about how to use it

Primary skills needed-

Superhero- Creativity and logic, + body (for beating up the baddies)
Supervillain- Creativity and logic, + cooking (for cooking up evil schemes)

And also...

A big big thank you to whiterider, who helped explain how to achieve top grades in all courses. These majors should both allow you to get top marks in all courses.