White Appaloosa - an even spottier Ginger!

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Uploaded: 5th Aug 2006 at 11:10 PM
Well Now!

Here we have annouther one! This white Appaloosa was requested by Simkelly (i hope it's what you were after!)

I chose to give her wall (blue) eyes so they showed up - black (normal) eyes just looked like big spots!

Once again, its a recolour of the mesh by Dragon_Slave (HERE! ), with thanks to Simlana for correcting the mane problem! see the new white mane

Now, I've really enjoyed making this recolour knowing that its for someone... So i was thinking - if you have a horse (or some pics of one you like) - and you'd like him (or her) in the game, email me ([email protected])!
YOU WILL NEED to include a BIG high res photo of the horse, side on - not looking at the camera - and preferably without any tack (bridle/ headcolar etc!) if its a paint or has diffrent markings on each side, please send a photo of each side! (or i will just put the same thing on each side!)

THIS WILL BE DONE I MY OWN TIME, as fast as possible, but please dont nag - my life is very hectic! and its a first come first serverd basis! so i will do them in the order i get requests.