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Testers Wanted - Mech Pilot Career Track

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Uploaded: 13th Aug 2006 at 6:26 PM
Updated: 16th Jan 2007 at 2:59 AM - wrong
This is my first career, thanks for downloading. It's EP ready, and overwrites no careers. It's main skills are Mech and Body. The levels are:
Grease Monkey
Remote Recon
Elite Infantry
Tank Driver
Walker Pilot
Substitute Pilot
Mech Pilot
Mech Commander

There is absolutely no more custom content in here short of text and a jpeg. All of the outfits are sim outfits, all of the carpools are sim carpools, and you get a putting green at the end, seeing as how your sim is resting his or her old bones as a commander at the end. If you made a suit or something similar, it would be much appreciated, as long as you make it for both genders, but the career holds up fine on its own. There aren't an teen or elder jobs, though I would have made them if I knew how. That's all the information I can think of at the moment. Any thanks go in this thread, but if you find even a small typo, E-mail me at [email protected]

EDIT: Well, I'm getting a fresh start and leaving this in the dust. Feel free to use anything within it for your own purposes, as long as it isn't a mech career.