Kathlyn, a temptress made with Warlokk's hi-res bodyshape mesh

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Uploaded 16th Aug 2006 at 11:49 PM

This exotic beauty is Kathlyn. She is made using Warlokk's wonderful new hi-res bodyshape meshes.

Her body size is 34 DD enhanced, 34 hips. You will need the mesh for Kathlyn to work in your game. You will also need her hair mesh-I'll give you the link. I will also give you links to the other clothing I made her with, although I don't think they are included in the package. As I said, her size is 34DDenh, 34 hip, so you will need to dress her in clothing for that size. Although the 34 hip is Maxis default size, so any bottoms will work.

Custom content included:

Shirt: Lady M.'s Red Casual Top, converted by RoofMonkey

Skin: Warlokk's hi-res Bodyshape 34DDenh

Eyes: "Precious Jewels" by Hysterical Paroxysm (can you tell I love these?)

Hair: Sims 2 Sisters texture by Gabi, mesh by Rose

Eyeshadow: helaene 1225 shadow tan (love these too!)

Liner: Fresh Lashes

Lipstick: helaene just kissed wine

Other clothing-not included:
Warlokk's underwear and heels

Warlokk's base clothing

Hope you enjoy her!

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