Dolphin's Leap Atoll

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Uploaded: 18th Aug 2006 at 7:14 PM
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OFB only version now available. PM me for more details.

Title: Dolphins Leap Atoll
Category: Lots & Housing > Residential
Cost: 107,108
Lot size: 3x3

Requires University, Nightlife and Open For Business, Family Fun Stuff
Scanned with Clean Installer, is play-tested, and is hack free.

History: Dolphins Leap Atoll was an unspoilt rocky island south of Simmaine. Connected to the mainland by a rickety old wooden bridge, it was a popular tourist attraction. Affording panoramic views of the Simpacific Ocean, it was as popular with the tourists as it was by the seagulls and dolphins. Shortly after the Second Sim War, and the ensuing land rush, it was sold to steel magnate Edgar St. Eedgan. There he planned to build a magnificent home for his Simlish bride, Simantha. However, she drowned when her boat sank shortly after leaving the Simland harbour. Edgar refused to believe that his bride had died and spent the rest of his as a fisherman, living in a small shack built overlooking the island. Legend has it that he still wanders the shores waiting for his bride…

Description: It’s been 3 years since Edgar St. Eedgan passed away, and Dolphins Leap Atoll was purchased by a shrewd investor. On it he built a splendid vacation home, and he would still be vacationing there if he had not drowned in the pool last summer… (Some say Edgar’s cursed the island…) Others would say it is the opportunity of a lifetime to own a fabulous piece of real estate.

The house itself is situated on a small island, connected to the mainland by a sturdy wooden bridge. There is a garage, or if you prefer you can use it as a boathouse (see image below), and a lovely swimming pool and outdoor recreation area. The ground floor of the home features airy, open plan living. There is a living area, study, dining, kitchen, and full bath.

The first floor houses the sleeping quarters. There are two small bedrooms (suitable for kids) and a bathroom. The main bedroom is huge with beautiful views of the Simpacific Ocean, and also boasts its own bathroom.

The second floor is a family/recreation room -a cosy retreat where the family can unwind and play (or tell ghost stories, while warming your feet at the fireplace).

N.B.: This lot was built in the Bluewater Village neighbourhood. I strongly recommend that it be installed there. There is an thumbnail below which will illustrate the recommended positioning of the house. (If you place it where I suggest – you are guaranteed an island beach house.) Should you choose to install it elsewhere, try to place it along the coast. You will most likely have to manually lower and raise the terrain, to prevent the entire lot being flooded. If you chose to install it inland – I recommend the use of terrain paint to take the place of the water. Hope this is not too confusing.

Edit - I have received a couple of PM's about Bluewater Village and where you can get it. It is a Maxis neighbourhood that comes with OFB and is the shopping village.

Custom Content:

The following custom content is included: - Ailias
2 Fences, edge smoother in white, OFB white glass 02 and 04, OFB white mission dining chair - Schlauchboot “Imoen” by arenia13
- Poetic Porpoise Topiary by Maxoid Monkey – Nengi65
N65 Verwitterte Holzdielen 2, white recolor of numenor’s wooden stairs, and 3 groundcovers (beachsand, cliff 01 and cliff 02) - Wooden stairs “recolorable” by Numenor - Garage door – blue - KittyIsPretty69 – 6 recolors of a Stroke painting - Moon_Ez – “The Shark” screen system – fencepost lantern – boat mesh and red recolor by mickyss - S2D Painting recolor – Storm - Blue roof – 1 ground cover - Kimsie’s Turquoise Dreams wall & floor

The following custom content is NOT included:

Car by Fresh Prince – recolours by Tre Zillah
The lot is packaged with Maxis bedding, however the bedding displayed in the images are from the wonderful creators at (Sorry my Clean Installer simply refuses to package any bedding!!!).

Happy Simming