Alpha-editable Earrings for male Adults with split Alpha

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Uploaded: 22nd Aug 2006 at 12:27 AM

Those Earrings are for male Adults, can be found in game under "glasses" and need no EP. You can choose if you want your guy to wear them on both ears or only left/right by editing the right parts of the alpha.

Downloadfile includes the 4 shown Recolors and the primary Texture with named parts "left" and "right" (o.O' my english is horrible today...)

Vertices 16, Faces 8


Maybe you like it.

Feel free to recolor, but:

- please do not offer your recolors on any other sites, except for MTS2.
- do not link to my mesh on any other sites, except for MTS2.
- do not alter or copy my mesh in any way.
- And never offer my mesh with your MTS2-recolors, please. Just link back here for the meshfile.
- If you plan uploading your Recolors anywhere else than, please PM me first for permission.

have fun