New mesh, new fun object: examinable casket

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Uploaded: 23rd Aug 2006 at 7:57 PM
Updated: 7th Dec 2008 at 10:23 PM by -Maylin-
This object was originally a request and test subject for me, but I decided that it deserves to be finished and revealed to public

So, this is a casket. A sim can:
- open it
- close it
- examine it, in both open/close states - functionality is heavily 'borrowed' from book reading functionality: sim grabs the casket; finds a seat, if not, stands or sits on floor; then looks into casket, sometimes shows thought about it, sometimes changes face expressions (smile, confused, interested, surprise), and increases Fun quite fast (forgive me, the poor cheater :o ); when cancelled or finished, sim stands up and tries to place casket on nearby surface (sometimes drops on floor; sorry, I still don't understand well how this part functions)

It can be found in Hobbies/Recreation.
It should cost more as time passes (+25 simoleons per day); sorry my lazyness, though - I didn't waited for whole day to see if it's really so. Please inform me if I'm mistaken in this part :o
It works in base game an with all EPs.

The mesh consists of 2 subsets: 'casket' and 'contents'. Both are recolorable and bumpmap-enabled. 'contents' subset is actually 2 planes one under another - I decided that it's no use of putting high-poly mesh there, so you can recolor it to almost anything relatively flat.
The package includes 3 recolors for each subset:
- for casket - wooden with black panels, textiled, and chrome
- for contents - pearls, gold jewelry, and empty (the last recolor contains no texture files, so it's no use to recolor off it - use the other two)

Mesh geometry:
- casket - 60 faces, 114 vertices
- contents - 4 faces, 8 vertices

Mesh was created in 3dsmax and imported using skankyboy's smd plugin.
The joint-related stuff (CRES and GMDC), and prototype for open animation was taken from microwave object; joints were moved, animation was remade from scratch in MilkShape.
Thanks to Echo for telling how to play animation backwards and for the adding BHAV tutorial.
Carry animations were taken from platedessert object and were edited in SimPE itself. Thanks to quaxi for the SimPE and built-in ANIM editor

Thanks to Akulina for the screenshots well, it was her request in the beginning :p

Feel free to recolor, but please link back to this thread.
For this object only, I allow to clone and remesh it, and alter joint positions/animations. Please mention, though, that I created the prototype :o and don't post on pay sites.

Added: those who asking where hair/shirt/anything else other than the casket came from, see this comment in this thread.