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Prop attachment hack for Movie Making or Story Telling *Update 2006-10-14*

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Uploaded: 25th Aug 2006 at 4:39 PM
Updated: 25th Nov 2010 at 9:20 PM by whiterider
This hack is something I've wanted to have for a long time now and after months of messing around I finally got it to work properly.

It allows you access to many accessories on demand. I call them props because they're not the accessories you'd find categorized under glasses. These props are things like the Champagne Glass, Coffee Mug or Shopping Basket. This now means that you can have your sims walk around, talk, cry etc. all while holding this prop or accessory. This adds some more realism to movies and stories and it was created with this goal in mind.

The complete list of props:

– Champagne glass (Crystal and a Silver recolor)
– Espresso cup
– Coffee mug
– OFB shopping bags (Blue, Brown, Gold without simolean signs and two new recolors)
– Fingerprint scanner
– All Vampcat’s holdable guns
– Scythe
– Microphone
– Handcuffs
– Repoman’s gun
– Police nightstick
– Water glass
– Shopping basket
– Meat cleaver (mesh from amazing3d)
– Bar tumbler

A few notes about this hack:

Add permanent/Add temporarily: A prop will have either one of these options or both. Temporarily means the object will be attached to the sim's hand, which means it'll always be alligned correctly no matter the animation the sim is doing. The drawback is that the object will dissapear as soon as the sim finishes any interaction. Maxis saw it fit to do it this way. So to counter this issue, I added the Permanent option which adds the object to the sim's wrist. This however meant that all the meshes had to be realligned, with the result that they won't always look perfect when not used with the particular pose animation.

Pose animations: These are responsible for animating your sim's arm and each prop has one. The cool thing is that these are overlayed, meaning the other body parts will still animate normally while the arm stays fixed in whatever position. You can even mix overlay animations to create cool combos.

Remove accessory: Pretty self explanatory. Please note that the handcuffs have their own remove option. If you use this one by mistake only one cuff will be removed. In that case, just add the cuffs again and use the correct remove option.

Stand still: I included this animation if you needed a sim to remain in an idle position without props dissapearing when added temporarily. The animation will loop until cancelled. Just note, you have to start the animation first and THEN add the prop temporarily.

The object is a cloned Red vs. Blue painting and can be found under Hobbies/Misc. Those who have watched some of my earlier movies might recognise the lady in the pic

You'll need NL and OFB for everything to work BUT I THINK that if you don't have a particular EP, the props belonging to that EP just won't show when you try to add them. Im not sure about this however. Also remember to download Vampcat's holdable guns (not included in my zip file).

Special thanks to Decorgal for the awesome shopping bag recolors and the bloody cleaver, Vampcat for allowing me to add his guns and Echo for his words of advice.

More pics on my blog: http://simtacular.com/blog/?p=57


Update, 2006-09-28: Italian translation provided by Angel from http://www.angelproduction.it/

Update, 2006-10-14: French and Dutch translations provided by Dektora and Treasa respectively (Thanks guys). Also, all 3 translations have been added to the original hack and should show up correctly based on the language your game is set to.