Fancy Fruit Salad - Fully Animated Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

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Uploaded: 29th Aug 2006 at 3:56 PM
Once again I have uploaded a food with a custom plate!! YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE CUSTOM PLATE FOR THIS FOOD TO WORK!

I wanted to make this a dessert but am having problems at the moment with modding. Anyway, this is a new Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner for your sims. It comes with a custom plate and you MUST extract the plate to your downloads folder or else this food will NOT work!!

Yes, the custom plate has a new GUID, so it won't replace the Maxis one, and will only appear for the fruit salad.

What I put in this salad are: Kiwi, Grapes, Watermelon and strawberries....yumm

I placed both the plate file and food file in the same .ZIP so you must extract both! This meal is ANIMATED and comes in 3 eating stages

I hope your sims' find this new food extra-delicious. You need the same cooking skill points to make this as you need for a Chef Salad.


Below, the top fruit salad is how it looks like when the sim starts to eat it, the second one below is the one when its half-way finished. And the 3rd one is when the sim is done (If you know what I mean)

Here is the custom plate you MUST DOWNLOAD:

This is how the preperation stage looks like. Your sim actually chopps the fruits :D

Below are random In-Game piks

This is how the serving looks like: