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New Meshes: Camping Chair Set | High-Res. Textures

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2006 at 5:10 PM
Updated: 30th Jul 2009 at 2:57 PM by -Maylin-
Hello ,once again, people.

Well today I introduce you to the current generation in portable outdoor seating.

With it's durable 100% polyester sitting surface, and strong, but incredibly light-weight brushed aluminum frame, the SimCamp Chair Set will not be forgotten. It looks good inside and out, but is reccommended for outdoor use. :D

As said in the title this set has high resolution or really crisp and clear textures. Here is an in-game picture of the texture close-up.


Poly Counts: Arm Chair - 3046 - Sorry it's a little high
Chair w/ no Arms - 2526
Table - 1546

In-Game Costs: Arm Chair - 45
Chair w/ no Arms - 23
Table - 32

Catalogue Placement: Seating > LivingChairs and Recliners (for chairs)
Surfaces > Coffee Tables (for table)

Files: ZK_campingset_MESHES - The base file - You must get this for the set to work. The default color is DARK BLUE. The zip includes all required meshes.

ZK_campingset_RECOLORS - The different colors shown below. All files included.



Feel free to recolor these (they're fun to monogram!) with credit to me for the mesh. Don't include the mesh with your recolors. Link back here for the mesh.


Rock On!