2 recolors of Aussie Topender's Italian Living set

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2006 at 6:05 AM
2 recolors of the Italian Living set by Zita of Aussie Topenders site. Please follow the posted link to get the original mesh files required for these recolors to show. You will need the meshes for the Italian Living set and the Endeavor set paintings for thwe wall hangings in the Chocolate set to show.

I alo recolored Echo's 3x4 rug. get the mesh from the posted link.

Thanks to both these creators for allowing the use of thier meshes for recoloring.

this set includes:
dining chair
2 tile door
table lamp
2 tile window
3x4 rug
art nouveaux swamp painting
square daisy painting
endeavor wall painting recolor x2

There is a chocolate and teal recolor and a blondewood with floral pattern.

Thanks to all who make creating possible and to MTS2 for giving us a place to share.