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Denver Broncos Bedroom requested by Jeffsta17

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Uploaded: 19th Sep 2006 at 8:17 PM
A bedroom in the Denver Broncos theme. Requested by Jeffsta17. You will need University and nightlife for all the posters to show since I used meshes from both.You will also need the latest CEP files by Numenor installed for some recolors to show.

Meshes used and Credits:

armoire,double bed,endtables, table lamp,deco shelf,sideboard,single bed,small painting,chair, and desk : all by Sandy of ATS2. (all meshes are posted as it is allowed by her recolor policy)

3x4 rug: By Echo (follow the posted link for the original mesh)

Thanks to both these creators for allowing the use of thier meshes for recoloring.

Thanks to all who make creating possible.Enjoy!