*updated 02/09 with Fat Morph*Torment Bootz! Two outfits for your goth girls - with SPIKES!

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Uploaded: 30th Sep 2006 at 12:31 AM
Updated: 31st Aug 2008 at 11:03 PM - updating file
Update 02 Sept. 2007!

I updated this mesh to include the Fat Morph that a lot of people wanted and I am now able to make. So, if you want your sims to gain weight and still wear this, download the file named Torment Bootz v.02 for the new version - Delete the previous file first!

Why is the other set removed now?

At first, I thought that adding the fat morph counts as an extra group in the mesh. Tiggerypum pointed out my mistake (thanks!!). It doesn't actually increase the poly count of the mesh, soo...everyone can download it safely. The count hasn't changed.


Hi everyone,

I decided since it's by far my best mesh yet I would upload it here for everyone I started it with an entirely different idea in mind (hence the name of the mesh "thigh high boots" which didn't quite work out as I had wanted it to but instead morphed itself into this outfit: chunky gothic "torment" boots with plenty of spikes to go around (as my boyfriend pointed out, you wouldn't want to upset a lady wearing these ), a short skirt with a lopsided belt (with an actual "real skirt" feel, as in, she has panties under there and all).
For detail on the boots and the spiked collar, refer to the screenshots. I made two textures for it, one with a red and black arm warmer and spiderweb patterned tights, another of a more grungy sort featuring a ripped net top, and stripped black and white leggings. Both have the shiny latex boots

It shows up for both Adults and Young Adults. Works with the base game as well.

New Stats:

FaceCount= 3720
VertexCount= 3515

Special Thanks to:

-HystericalParoxism and Tiggerypum for their tutorial
-Nouk for her endless patience, tutoring and for answering all of my noob questions :P
-Milkshape and the Unimesh plugin

I included a readme file with my terms of use, but I will state them here as well:

-You MAY retexture my mesh and upload your creation on a FREE site
-You MAY include the mesh with your creation as long as credit is given
-You may NOT redistribute/clone/claim it as your own
-You may NOT upload it/and/or retextures on paysites
-Credit must be given and a link back here or to Noukiesims2.com

Other than that, enjoy, and let me know what you think!


Thanks to coffeeKat for testing it out without Uni (it works!) and to Tig for informing me about how meshes compatibility works.