Retro Microphones, Usable with Skill Building plus a decorative Mic for tables

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Uploaded: 6th Oct 2006 at 6:45 PM
Updated: 19th Mar 2009 at 1:53 PM by -Maylin-
Here are two functional Retro Microphones and a decorative table top microphone. Please note I did –not- use move objects or any cheats for these pictures. I moved the Mics to the very edge of the tile so as to place it correctly with the Sim when in use so do not face the mic tile against a wall or other object as it will clip into the other item. I cloned from the Modular Image Full Length Mirror and they will give you the options to “Practice Speech” or “Practice Romance” and your Sims will gain skill points for use. They gain charisma or romance skill points, though the romance skill is a hidden skill. No, you can’t change your looks or anything else in them. You will find them in the Dining, Study, and Living rooms under Electronics/Audio (the speaker). They are $145 for the Vertical vented Mic and $150 for the Horizontal mic.

Maxis Mirror had: 1242 faces and 1228 vertices
Vertical Mic has: 660 faces and 507 vertices
Horizontal Mic has: 732 faces and 509 vertices

The decorative table microphone costs $150 and is found under Dining, Study, Living room Decorative. I cloned it from The Measure of a Sim stautue. It is purely decorative, but you can stage things with it for pictures and movies.

Maxix statue had: 1643 faces and 1160 vertices
Table Mic has: 640 faces and 467 vertices

HystericalParoxysm asked me to make a microphone for some pictures, and you can see some of them here:
It had way too many poly’s and so I made these as lower-poly versions for the rest of you. Huge thanks to HP for the idea and giving me great pictures to work from for the mesh as well as giving me encouragement along the way.

Also, thank you to SilentButtDeadly who gave the idea to make them functional and not just decorative like the one I made originally.

BigThanks to:
and thank you to everyone for the MooMoo I"m still in shock, though thrilled.

Programs used in the making of this: SimPE MilkShape 3D
Adobe Photoshop CS2

***DO NOT upload to any paysite or anything like a paysite. My work is to stay on MTS2. Period. DO NOT recolor or clone without my permission. I worked hard on this and would want any recolors or inclusions in other items to be by my permission and with credit and a link here for the mesh.***

~ cokenasmile