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"Carina SpotLight" Modular Stairs

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Uploaded: 10th Oct 2006 at 1:12 PM
Updated: 12th Oct 2006 at 7:21 AM - Added info for the Q-Xpress users
by Numenor and Chrissy6930

The very first Modular Stairs with Auto-Lights and custom catalog description!


  • Auto-Lights - These stairs are provided with built-in spot lights, that will automatically turn on and off whenever a sim climbs up or down. The Auto-light feature will be active from dusk to dawn (6pm to 7am). If the stairs are placed in a room with no windows at all, the autolight will work even during daytime. If desired, you can set the spot lights to "always-on" or "always-off".
  • Detailed and recolourable mesh - Both the steps and the optional railings have wooden parts and metal parts, separately recolourable. Eight nifty recolours are downloadable along with the stairs.
  • Custom catalog name, description and price - All the other modular stairs around, when selected in the catalog, have a price of zero, and no name or description. Not this one! The catalog will show up the full custom name, the custom description, and the price!

Select the Carina SpotLight from the Build Mode catalog -> Modular Stairs, and place them in the lot like any other modular stair.
As soon as you put the stairs in place, and go to Live Mode, the Auto-light feature will be active; you can change the settings for the lights by clicking on any part of the stairs and select "Turn On", "Turn Off" or "AutoLight" (of course, if the stairs are already set to "Off", you won't see the "Turn Off" option, etc.).
In order to apply a recolour to the stairs, you have to follow the particular procedure explained in this thread.

None. The Carina SpotLight stairs work in any game, including the base-game only.

The "Carina SpotLight" modular stairs are compliant with (and require) the SCRIPTORIUM.
Download the file Carina-SpotLight_MESH.zip and open it; inside, you will find three files. Open your Downloads folder and put the files in the following locations:
  • chrissy6930-numenor_carinalightstairs.package -> Put this in the Downloads folder
  • 724_CarinaLightStairs.txt -> Put this in the Scriptorium_ModularStairs folder (accessible via the shortcut in your Downloads)
  • singlespot_light.nlo -> Put this in the folder Scriptorium_CustomLights (accessible via the shortcut in your Downloads)
NOTE: there is NO need to manually edit any of the game files!
Q-Xpress users: I'm sorry, but the Q-Xpress can't install files different than the ordinary ".package", and therefore the additional TXT and NLO files are lost. Therefore, the MESH.zip can't be installed using the QX. The recolours, on the other hand, are safely installable via the QX.

Do NOT clone, recolor or redistribute without permission.
You CAN include these stairs in your uploaded lots, but only if:
- the lot is uploaded to completely free sites (NO EXCHANGE!);
- credits are granted to Numenor and Chrissy6930
- a link to this very thread is provided.