Reno, Final Fantasy Advent Children

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Uploaded: 12th Oct 2006 at 5:09 PM
Updated: 13th May 2007 at 11:14 AM
Hello everybody! Finally I present Reno, another turk that work for Rufus and Shinra, and the fellow worker of Rude.

Custom Included:

The eyes "Soft Cloud" are from Enayla, here:

The eyeliner and the lips "901-kisseable" are from Helaene, here:

The eyeshadow are from Simcribbling page, here:

The googles are from Maxis but recoloured by me.

The skintone is from SanMoo, here:

Custom No Included:

The hair and the clothes are from plicka, you must download both if you want that appear in your game. Here:

The Reno's face Marks are from Squall117 and you can find here:

You can see new brilliant and amazing clothes for Rude and Reno from Squall117 here:

Enjoy it!

Note: Thanks to Enayla, Louis, Helaene, SanMoo, Pickla, Squall117. Thanks!!!