Domestic Service Career (Teens, Adults, Elders)

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Uploaded: 13th Oct 2006 at 7:03 AM
Updated: 27th Aug 2007 at 5:35 AM - Forgot to mention an important update

Logs of updates:
As of 7 June 2007,
  • The teen/elder version of this career is now available!
  • Nave's outfit for Level 10 of the adult career can now be worn by Elders. Disabled his outfit from appearing in CAS and in clothing racks to prevent duplicate copies from appearing in the event that you have downloaded and used his clothes before.
  • The woman's outfit for Level 10 of the adult career is updated so that it shows up properly in-game.
  • The Level 10 uniforms of the adult career are amended to work properly in-game.
  • Have Defaulted lang only in English the text lists. If you are playing in a language other than English, you will now see the English texts used in my custom career rather than nothing at all (or something else happened).
  • In some job levels, NPC vehicles will no longer show up as you Sims' carpool vehicles. They have been correctly substituted with proper carpool vehicles. What previously happened was that the NPC vehicle came and the NPC will come out and work at your Sims' houses instead of your Sims going for work! So your Sims will be stuck at home. Not to worry, the problem has been debugged.
  • Some minor changes were made which I cannot remember.

Error reports:
  • Several NPC uniforms worn by adults in the adult career cannot be worn by the elders when they continue to work in the adult version of the career. Instead, they will wear their Everyday clothing to work. I will try to follow and understand Morague's tutorial and extract the NPC uniforms individually by myself, or I will hunt down these uniforms online.
    Workaround: Make sure that your Elder Sims are in Level 5 or above in their career to avoid this problem, or pretend that they are still wearing their uniforms when they go to work!
  • The career icon looks funny when teens are employed in this career! Look at the picture attached. I would appreciate it if anyone can help spruce up the image with instance 0x00000002 under jpg/tga/png Image of the package file. I tried and failed in producing a good image, sorry!


Hi guys! I'm really ecstatic to share with you all my very first custom career, i.e. Domestic Service career. I hope you guys enjoy it! Here are some basic facts on this career:

GUID (doesn't overwrite Maxis-made careers, nor anyone else's):
Adult - 0x00297C00
Teen/Elder - 0x00297C04

Job icon: A hand with a small house in the middle of the palm (LOL!)
  • Now available for teens, adults and elders! The adult version can be downloaded either on its own, or together with the teen/elder version.
  • This career is VERY unfriendly to vampires (Job hours are during the day)
  • The "difficulty level" of this career should be hovering between that of the original Sims careers and Uni careers
  • Chance cards for all job levels are totally complete! :D

Job levels (Adults):
1 - Roadside Sweeper (§134)
2 - Carpool Driver (§230)
3 - Housekeeper/Maid (§375)
4 - Gardener (§490)
5 - Cocktail Party Host/Tea Party Hostess (§610)
6 - Housekeeper/Maid Agent (§756)
7 - Family Lawyer (§910)
8 - Home Décor Advisor (§1337)
9 - Real Estate Agent (§1784)
10 - Feng Shui Guru/Practitioner (§2415)

Job levels (Teens/Elders):
1 - Roadside Sweeper (§45)
2 - Carrier (§76)
3 - Babysitter/Nanny (§125)

Detailed information is included inside the rar files.

Skills involved: Creativity, Cleaning, Charisma

Career Reward: Thumbs-Up! Hydroponic Garden (a separate recolour of the Slacker career reward & it has its own unique GUID). Offered at Level 4 of the Adult career.

Instructions: zip out only the .package files to the Downloads folder. If you had previously downloaded the old domestic_service.rar file and you would like to update the previous file, please follow these instructions before downloading the new file(s):

1. Ensure that all your Sims working in the Domestic Service career are safely back home.

2. Delete the previous domestic_service.package file in your Downloads folder.

3. Unzip the new files into the Downloads folder. Some files may be overwritten. Allow overwriting as I have made a couple of changes to the outfits of the Level 10 adult career.



Superfly and Emma_Barrett for their very helpful and easy to understand tutorials, hints, tips and guidelines.

Psion for his very detailed tutorial which helps me to do advanced mods.

Nave, for giving me permission to use his Tribal Dragon Button Up outfit as the career’s Level 10 uniform (for man). (Link:

Morague, for allowing me to use her mail carrier outfits for the Elder Sims as the teen/elder career's Level 2 uniform. (Link: and


I want to make a request. For those of you having the Seasons EP installed, can you please test this career in your game and see whether this custom career can run well? Thank you so much! (Yes, I have yet to thoroughly exploit the Pets EP! And I have not bought the Seasons EP. I have not touched my game until very recently. Blame school! )

After playing through this career for a while, if you think certain areas of this custom career can be improved, or you have noted any errors, feel free to PM me, or reply to this thread. Thanks! You may also do any minor modifications to the main package file to suit your own needs as well.

Thank you guys and happy Simming!