Villas Galore!-3 Luxurious Villas in 3 Completly Different Styles

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Uploaded: 14th Oct 2006 at 6:47 PM
Updated: 3rd Oct 2008 at 3:34 AM by General Oohoh
I present a gift to you MTS2! Three Luxurious villas in three completly differnt styles. There's Chateau, Georgian/Colonial, & Tudor! These villas all have many features. Threre is one two-bedroom and two three-bedrooms. They all come on 2x4 lots. This set is celebrating my 7 month anniversary since joining the site in April!(I know that's something odd to celebrate, but I didn't want to wait 5 months for a 1 year anniversary.) It is also celebrating 30 uploads and around 21 quality uploads! (the first were I have to admit were not all to great.) So let's get started shall we...

Home- The St. Anthony Chateau
Bedrooms- 2
Bathrooms- 2.5
Architecture- Chateau
Price- $185,019

The St. Anthony Chateau, a beautiful home with it's many two story features and great, fully-loaded backyard. While it may not be the biggest it is the most expensive. (go figure) Even though it's small you still have everything you need. Like a study area, a well sized kitchen, and even a little foyer. The home even comes complete with a little loft. This lot has been fully play tested and everything works fine.

Home- The Coventry
Bedrooms- 3
Bathrooms- 2.5
Arcitechture- Georgian/Colonial
Price- $179,832

The Coventry is a beautiful home set in Autumn. When you enter the lot, you see the many leaves and fading colors of trees. With it's own courtyard and little portico you know you want to live there before you even step inside. Inside you have a lot of space. Like a dining and study and a well sized kitchen. There is also a nice two story family room in the corner of the home. Going upstairs you will find three bedrooms and a spacious loft. The master bedroom is defenetly one of the best rooms in the home as it has the bed, a couch and bookcase. The home also has a great backyard with a pool and leaves every where to set that peaceful and beautiful autumn setting. I hope you enjoy it.

Home- The Queen Anne
Bedrooms- 3
Bathrooms- 2.5
Arcitechture- Tudor
Price- $182,678

The Queen Anne was uncharted territory as I have never done a todor style home before. It came out awesome and I'm very happy with it, which is why I've decided to make it my cover tumbnail. It has much more dark feel to it, so you'll find no bright colors in it(with maybe the exception of the kids bedroom). It has a spacious area, and very formal feel all around. It's very spacious loft overlooks the two story family room. The loft has enough space for a poker table! It's backyard is just as beautiful as the rest and comes with everything and the biggest pool of them all.

Custom Content: All Included
Driveway by roddyaleixo- (V-1, V-2, & V-3)
Fence & Gates by nihilin- (V-1, V-2, & V-3)
The Modern Edwardian Kitchen Set by Simtomatic- (V-2)
Brick by kittyispretty69- (V-2)
The Gorgian Manor Set by phoenix phaerie- (V-1 & V-2)
The Le Petite Trianon Collection by simnuts101- (V-1 & V-2)
Some carpets and walls by nengi65- (V-1, V-2, & V-3)
Custom Bed Matching Curtains by IgnorantBliss- (V-1, V-2 & V-3)
Two Story Curtains by Fresh-Prince- (V-1, V-2, & V-3)
Leaves from the JWoods Autumn Wonderland Tribute setby The Mod Squad- (V-2)
Realistic Terrains by Margierytka- (V-1, V-2, & V-3)
Antique Chandelier by phoenix phaerie- (V-1 & V-3)
(I know it's odd to use just the light from a kitchen set, but the kitchen wouldn't fit unfortuanatly)

Please rate, thank, and leave some comments on what you think of the homes and tell me which one is your fav. Also if there is high demand for a 4 bedroom, I can easily make one of the St. Anthony Chateau. Enjoy the homes!

Happy Simming! :D