Functional Beer Keg Update--Should show up now!

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Uploaded 18th Oct 2006 at 5:18 AM · Updated 21st Nov 2006 at 5:54 AM by SparkleSim : So people know where to find it in game

Hi, Everybody! Sorry the keg didn't show up for some people. A huge thanks to Numenor for assisting me on fixing it. I tried my best to fix it so it should show up for everyone, now!
Please redownload it and when a message pops up asking "Do you want to replace the existing file?" Say "yes."

Hi everyone! This is my brand new beer keg. I figured that sims can't have a party and just have punch all the time, they should be allowed to drink beer, too! So I created this cool keg and it has real functions and and animations, too! Sims can go up to it and drink beer, and they can really get drunk, too! So I hope you enjoy this.

IMPORTANT: I am a beginner at making hacked objects, so if there are any mistakes, I apoligize. For some, it may not show up in the game. Don't worry, I am in the process of researching that and I am trying my hardest to get that fixed.

You are more than welcome to recolor this object if you like!

The options:

Drink a little bit--Sims are just trying to be very careful and stay sober but still wanna taste it
get lighly buzzed--Sims just wanna relax and feel comfortable
Get drunk!--OK, now sims just wanna be silly and party the night away
Get rediculously intoxicated--Now the sims are going to heaven with this beer! They are having a blast! Motives skyrocket except for bladder--sorry, but it's just reality when you are drinking THAT much. Now, just be careful when get intoxicated. It's not always good for you and I mean what I say when I say negative effects could possibly happen....DRINK RESPONSIBLY!!!

Oh yeah, and if you have kids, try not to let them drink it, they will end up not liking it. (Unless you wanna see them cringe!! heh heh!)

There are 2 packages. Extract both into downloads folder. You will find the keg Under Misc.--Party

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