Rainbow / Pride Tiles and Glass Blocks

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Uploaded 18th Oct 2006 at 9:44 PM

What can I say? If a surface can accomodate it, I'm gonna slap a flag on it in one way or another. The walls and floor included here are rather subdued in their designs (especially compared to some of the things I have in real life,) and might even be useful in a faerie tale setting or a nursery. The tiled walls are cloned from the Maxis white tiles with the high blue border, that seems to cover every pre-built home's bathroom that I've played. Included are a wide, bright tiled version, and a more subtle border-only recolor. A plain wall with white high border is included for matching.

The glass blocks are cloned from the Maxis blocks in the Bricks section, and have been lightened (see picture for comparison.) The plain block wall is included, along with the asymmetrical prism blocks, and the offset prism stripe designs. The flooring texture is larger than Maxis' pebbled floor, cloned from the Skittles Pebble walls by Jlaurel84984 on the Exchange (my HomeCrafter floor tiles section crashes the program without fail.) The floor will show up in "concrete", and has a 5x5 repeating pattern.

These recolors were put into individual pacakges through HomeCrafter, then stuffed into a .rar file together. When unpacked, you may need to find them in your downloads folder and double-click them one at a time for them to install and appear. They should not have come in contact with my engorged download folder at all, but please use Clean Installer to be safe.

A note about EP compatibility: I have all EPs installed, but I don't believe any of the wall bases cloned here are EP-specific.