Dorm at the Sea - 6 rooms

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Uploaded: 30th Oct 2006 at 1:10 AM
Updated: 30th Oct 2006 at 3:28 PM
Here comes a dorm I placed along a coast line. I created a complete university on an island and the look out of the dorm over the open see is something a student could like (I would !).

It has

- a Basment,
- a Lobby (Entrance) with 3 rooms (they have a sleeping and studying area)
- a 1st. Floor with 3 rooms (they have a sleeping and studying area)
- Lot Size: 5 x 5

Only the basement has a "complete" flooring. You have a free view up to the 1st. floor from there

This dorm comes unfurnished and with Maxis creations. Just the wall windows are custom content and included, because the dorm would loose everything with just the windows from Maxis.

In the game I used only custom content and recolors to play; so I did some pics of the one I play in the game (to give you an idea how it looked like before I cleand it with clean installer) and then what is included.

Credit goes to the fantastic Work of NUMENOR and his great "Seamless Wall Window and Wall Window Double Door" collection, which you can find here
at MTS2 (canĀ“t find the post were I got it from - but it was from MTS2) and could be included in this post (WallWindow_Seamless_BASIC_set)

Thank you so much for these Windows, Numenor - Gives my houses at the sea side a real good ocean view