Lord Carfax--Male Noblesim by AtomicSpaceKitty

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Uploaded 1st Nov 2006 at 4:14 AM · Updated 31st Aug 2008 at 4:48 PM by AtomicSpaceKitty : added link to furniture

Lord William Carfax is the (fictional) Earl of Carfax during the mid 18th century. He is also the model of my new Rococo outfit and the first sim that I'm offering for download. I've had a lot of people ask if I would upload my models but, since the models I've used in the past were created for my stories, I declined. However, William has been made especially for you. I think he has some similarities to my other sims so hopefully you'll enjoy him.

As you can see in the above picture, I created a lot of new custom content for Carfax. I was trying to give him a unique look while using a version of SimCribbling's skin. I also created something that I'd never seen offered for download before--the cheek hollow. It is the shadowed part of the cheek between the jaw and the cheekbones. By shadowing that area of the face, I think it emphasizes the sim's cheekbones and gives the face a more chiseled appearance. I've also made it multi-wearable (thanks to a tutorial by HystericalParoxysm) which means your sim can wear it with blush and any other type of makeup.

Another piece of custom content that I made multi-wearable are the eyelids which means that they won't disappear from your sims' face when you put eyeliner or eyeshadow on them (they layer underneath eyeliner and eyeshadow). The eyelids can be found under "Blush" in the "Makeup" section of CAS and Body Shop. I know, weird, huh? But they are easier to find there than in the "Cosmetic Mask" section and the multi-wearable/layerability trick doesn't work on eyeshadow or eyeliner.

Anyway, Lord Carfax comes to your Sim neighborhood fresh from his bath, dressed in a fluffy blue towel, and ready to seduce the sims in your royal courts.

If you're interested in the 18th century suit, wig and tricorne that he's wearing in the other pictures then you can download them.

Special thanks to:

SummmerSong86 for allowing free use of her beautiful textures which allowed me to make the eyelids that William is wearing, Rose for her sexy hair and mesh that she allowed me to include in this download, Tiggerpum for her fun loincloth mesh, Lin for her version of SimCribbling's skin, Helaene for her genetics that I love and use all the time, Merco/Hairfish for the teeth she made so that my sims look more realistic, and HystericalParoxysm for her easy-to-follow and brilliant "changing makeup layering/multi-wearability" tutorial.

Included in the download:

By me (AtomicSpaceKitty):
Eyelid, Texture by SummerSong86 from her FX series of skintones (multi-wearable, found under "Blush")
Hollow of the Cheek (multi-wearable)
Just Lips ~Mid~
Just Eyelashes ~Natural Black~
"Freshly Shaven" Stubble, Texture by Maxis
Towel ~Cerulean Blue~

Hair ~Brown~ and Mesh by Rose @ RoseSims2
Louis #7 Skintone Lin's Edition ~Mid~ by Lin @ Shiny Sims
Starstruck Eyes ~Rich Brown~ and Bold Brows 1 by Helaene
Teeth 02 by Mermaid Cove

Not included, must be downloaded:

Male Loincloth Mesh for towel by Tiggerypum

Terms of Use:

You may recolor the custom content I made for personal use, but please don't recolor for the public without my permission.

You may upload any of the custom content made by me with your Sim but please credit me, and don't claim any part as your own.

And, please don't post any of my custom content to the exchange.

If you have a problem installing my sim, please try Sims2Pack Clean Installer.

Extra Information:

Most of the furniture in these pictures is from Vitasims 2.

Tags: #18th century, #rococo, #noble, #nobility, #towel