Kristina Kaplace

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Uploaded 4th Nov 2006 at 5:54 PM · Updated 24th Oct 2008 at 4:25 AM by AmandaPanda1988 : Added the credit I was missing! :)

So I have not uploaded anything in a very long time. I was playing around in Body Shop and created a very pretty sim. Right now she is my favorite to play with.

Her name is Kristina Kaplace and she is happily married to Athos Kaplace (may upload in the future). She has a little daughter named Crystal. She loves to party and she is ALWAYS happy. She's very in love with life. She loves to do simple tasks like cleaning the house, she likes to read, she likes to help her child with her homework. She likes to be with her husband. Overall she is an extremely happy person and enjoys just about everything. She's a model with a bit of a punkish-edge to her. She is also very outgoing. Everyone in the neighborhood loves being her friend and she knows how to have a good time. She will liven up any neighborhood!

Onto the custom content!
Be sure to download any meshes that are needed that you do not already have.

Included Content:
Eyebrows - Helaene []
Eyes - Barcelonista []
Eyeshadow - Megarysula []
Eyeliner - angelface345 []
Lipstick - icedmango []
Freckles - Sussissogoodsims2 []
Skintone - SeraSims []
Hair - MESH by XMSims: [] Recolor by Punkchiqe []
Liprings - HystericalParoxysm [] (wow i can't beleive i forgot about that. For some reason I remember going to the page AND writting it on here but I geuss I didnt woops!!)

NOT Included but Pictured:
Jeans - Starsims [] I did not include these because 1. I cannot find the mesh and 2. The recolor does not seem to be on Serasims anymore. However I do think they are the 6th pair of jeans in the link given. The mesh is most likely included with the download. Packaged with Maxis Jeans
Blush - PeggySims []
Packaged with NO Blush
Top - XMSims []
Packaged with a Maxis shirt

The only expansion I have is University so if you do not have it please install with Sims2Pack Clean Installer.
In the pictures below 2 of them are from bodyshop to show what she looks like in the download.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!

I had to include this picture because it was to funny.

"PLEASE stop taking pictures of me already!!!"
Actually I was getting tired of trying to place the camera correctly and then she posed like this so I had to take this

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