Charlotte~ The Latest "Beauty"

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Uploaded: 6th Nov 2006 at 11:31 PM
Updated: 22nd Sep 2008 at 5:32 AM
Hello Everyone!

It's been forEVER, but I'm finally submitting my latest in my "Beauty" set. This one is named because I modeled her after a character I saw on the DAZ website. I thought she was different and, well, beautiful, so I used her as inspiration.
The big ThankYous go to the people below who make such phenominal content and share it so generously with us:

Skin & Eyes: helaene 805 skin - light & sparkling eyes - dark brown Could she BE more talented??

Hair: Jessica @ Insimenator/simalot and Her Site:

EyeLiner: ScarlettLashes Sussi's SoGoodSims

Eyebrows: ee414747_Xmeimao02 Aw, CRAP. I forgot about these being all kinds of NOT findable anywhere. Shootmonkey. Alright, now I have to take them out of the upload. crap.

Lips: Barcelonista @ justsims2 Anytime you see this name, you know it's quality work and you just have to have it. A simming angel.


I guess that's it. Sorry about the eyebrows- I've gotta stop using them! But they're so pretty! Ack! *ahem* sorry.

Hope you like her! Have fun!