New Mesh: Design № 7507 - Door

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Hi guys, no, I'm not a girl. Here's a new mesh for you though

Here's the second door in my series of eight retro type of doors. This time I have Design № 7507, a door which is a remake of my older one which was just a recolor of Maxis. I hope you like this version even more.

What do I download? I'm confused!!

The first file, "ZK_designno7507_MESHES", is required for this to work in your game. It includes both the straight and diagonal packages. The second downloadable file is "ZK_designno7507_RECOLORS". This file contains all of the colors shown below as well as the clear glass recolor. Please Note: the default color is CEDAR.

Factual Details and Information

Polygon Count - Faces:349 | Verts: 692 = x2 for each side once again
In-Game Location - Build Mode > Doors & Windows
In-Game Cost - 180
Recolors - All textures shown above are included as well as the clear glass shown below
Textures - Hand painted in Adobe Photoshop, two days of work

You can recolor freely but don't include the mesh with your recolor. Link back to this page to download the mesh. This door can be included with lots anywhere, with a Custom Content Credit (CCC) to me for it.


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Alrighty, I'll see you later on the forums :D

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