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Celestial Bathroom Set - Suns, Stars, and Moons for your Sim's Bathroom

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Uploaded: 13th Nov 2006 at 7:22 AM
Please enjoy this Celestial set, inspired by my own bathroom.

This set includes recoloured Maxis objects, one new tile wall, and one tile floor.

Bathtub/Shower - "Colonial ComboCleen"
Counter - "The Forbidden Fruit Counter"
Mirror - "Porcelain Oval Mirror"
Rug - "Thirsty the bath mat"
Curtain - "Stewart Mourning Cafe Curtains"
Towels - Texture appears with any Maxis towel (Decorative -> Misc)

Please view the attached pictures.

The wall and floor appear in their respective Tile bins.


This matches any white toilet/sink combo, though I would choose gold trim to match the bathtub in a full bath.


I made this set using the following packs:

Uni, NL, OFB, FFS, Pets

I do not recommend downloading this set without those packs. Users without FFS and Pets have not reported any problems, however, if you are missing FFS and Pets, Use At Your Own Risk! I do not recommend this! CEP necessary.

Thanks to the creators/maintainers of SimPE and the CEP!

Do not redistribute - ever! If you are using in your lot, please link to this thread and disable the files in your lot package.