Build/buy mode enabler for pets

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Uploaded: 18th Nov 2006 at 12:54 PM
Hi Guys,

Well after all this time I'm back. I'm now in the process of updating my files - I actually left the forums after NL and before OFB.

Anyway, this hack enables you to enter build or buy mode whilst downtown as a visitor or when you are driving the car. It is an update of my pre-OFB release which can be found here:

I could possibly extend this hack to one that makes it so that you never have the buy mode disabled again but doing that increases its chance of incompatibility with other hacks. Thinking seriously though, pending interest, of expanding it to work in emergencies.

Here are some things you can do with this hack:

* Add downtown items to your inventory
* Have a picnic downtown by taking your own food (OFB) and removing it from your inventory
* Move your sims out of jams (move objects on)
* Prevent traffic blocks which were a problem where on rare occasions kids were getting stuck on bus because you parked the bus in (may have been fixed with OFB)
* Buy stuff when downtown (if you have OFB you can toggle between business and home stuff)

You can't sell your car with OFB whilst downtown so don't even think about it.

Also, have no idea what will happen if you pilfer items for another sims store.

Requires all expansions up to pets; don't have the 2006 holiday pack but "should" work with it.

Here's what's up with the pics:

Senior Brandi Broke goes downtown. She can move her car while it's in motion on the home lot with the enabler. She goes to an unowned business and with the enabler she buys a machine so she can buy a phone. She also, boldly, places and serves one of her patented cheesecakes in the restaurant. Everyone digs in.

Then, using an update of the communityparty hack - one that works for pets that I haven't yet posted - she throws a party. With the enabler, she is able to buy the insimenator's deleter and summoner so she can regulate her guest list. Remember, too many people on the lot mean they will leave sooner for slower computers. The party is a total flop because, for some reason, there is a lot of abuse and negative interactions happening on the lot.

Anyway, that's the story there.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes.