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The St. Michael Chateau-My English Project/Dream Home

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Uploaded: 20th Nov 2006 at 1:27 AM
Updated: 3rd Oct 2008 at 4:33 AM by General Oohoh
Last week I was assigned the best project ever...design your dream home! So I spent 7-8 hours on this home and it is my best home yet. The design is completly by me and almost perfectly symetrical and is a mansion at 23 rooms. This was one of my favorite projects and I had a lot of fun with it. Let's hope and pray I get an A!

UPDATE: I scored a 98%, yay! :D

The home is truly me. I haven't uploaded one of my classic luxury homes since I uploaded The Harvard last September. So here you have it!

The home is placed on a 4x5 lot and for it's size runs pretty smoothly. It costs $419,661 and it's features are...

-5 bedrooms
-5.5 Bathrooms
-Two Story Foyer with dual Staircase.
-Two Story Family Room with third staircase for easy access to game room
-Study with built in bookcase
-Gourmet Kichen
-Fully loaded Master Bedroom Suite with bedroom, sitting area, walk-in-closet, and master garden
-Huge Loft serving as a Game Room
-Media Room
-Exercise Room
-Fully loaded backyard with gourgeous pool, and even a guest house!

The home does have a couple of things such as the guest house that really wouldn't have any purpose but since my project was to design my dream house I added it in. I'm sure you find use for it.

On one of the sideways garages the garage door is backwards. This originally bothered me but I saw that some featured lots had them backwards so I figured yall wouldn't mind.

And now a short tour-

Custom Content- All Included
The Georgian Manor Set by phoenix phaerie
The Le Petite Trianon Collection by simnuts101
Windows by windkeeper
Flowers by macarossi
Terrain by Margiertyka
Fencing by nihilin
Invisible Driveway by roddyaleixo
Carpets, walls, sofa, & movie poster for media room by nengi65
The Tuscan Kitchen Set by phoenix phaerie
Bed Matching Curtains by IgnorantBliss
Closet Sytem by thefuzmixman
Single Built-In-Closet by marmy
Grand Piano by pacotacoplayer
Home Cinema by lastrie

Enjoy my dream house, I know I will! :D